Position your brand correctly for growth. Identify and seize opportunities, make your brand stand out, and measure what matters.
Winning brands stand for something: they are meaningful, salient, and continually evolving. Our insights and expert teams can help your brand find sustained growth in a changing world.

How we help you

  • Do you know where your growth will come from?


    To grow sustainably, you need to have a clear view of the changing marketplace. You also need to nurture a consistent, powerful and emotional connection between your brand and its audiences. We help you plan and activate your brand’s growth strategy, monitoring and optimising your performance. We also show you the who, what, where, when and why of demand, reframing your view of the evolving market, directing your strategy and informing your tactics.

  • Do you have a purposeful brand... with an experience to match?


    Define what your brand stands for in a way that connects meaningfully with people, by matching human needs to the unique capabilities of your business. We can help you create impact through different brand touchpoints, and by galvanizing internal teams and external partners behind your purpose in ways that drive growth. We can also help you deliver the experience that the brand promises.

  • Is your brand portfolio structured for growth? 


    Your portfolio of brands should cement your dominance of a category, with minimum overlap and maximum opportunity. Develop a distinct brand architecture that helps people navigate your brand and the different propositions that it contains, and to optimise sales. Engage your partners, and manage any necessary migrations, with Kantar's help.

  • How can you track, manage and grow your brand’s value? ​

    Introducing Kantar BrandTek

    Brand Expertise. Powered by MDS, amplified by tech.

    Solutions combining Kantar brand expertise, forecasting and technology, so you can act fast, stay competitive and win.

    How we help

    Kantar BrandTek
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