Whether you want to better understand sports fans or the brand power of specific athletes, it’s a good idea to have Kantar in your corner.


The world of sports offers numerous opportunities for brands, whether they are sporting related or not. With Kantar’s dedicated solutions, you can understand the power of sport as a commercial platform. Understand the brand power of different sporting events and the marketability of particular athletes, and explore the habits and preferences of sports fans, including how, when and where they consume sports-related content.

Marketing Trends 2024
Marketing Trends 2024
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How we help you

  • Understand the brand opportunities in sport


    Get deep insights around an individual athlete’s characteristics and learn how to optimise marketing opportunities around them, with Kantar. You can also assess the effectiveness of your sponsorship against business goals, and learn more about the impact and power of sports teams and franchises, related brands, rights holders and sports competitions.

  • Learn more about sports fans


    Get rich insights about fan engagement and content consumption, so you can build a strategy that places sports fans at the centre. What will engage the relevant fans effectively? With our global audience data and analysis, you can get a richer understanding of how sports fans consume media – and the effectiveness of different sports properties for reaching consumers.