Whether old favourites or innovative challengers, FMCG brands touch the lives of most consumers multiple times each day. Kantar helps you deliver the goods.


Consumers’ desire for physical goods covering both life’s essentials and lifestyle choices remains a constant. But everything about meeting these desires is in flux. Personal health and the shared environment have moved up the agenda for many individuals and governments. How, where, what and why people consume is influenced by the evolving world they live in. Not only do FMCG brands need to anticipate trends, they also need to deal with changing routes to market and retailer offers.

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Marketing Trends 2024
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How we help you

  • Understand shoppers and markets


    Do you know who is buying your brand, and (just as importantly) who isn’t? Winning shoppers relies on understanding them, and their missions, journeys, new channel usage and experiences. Consumers display complex combinations of attitudes and behaviours, both in their homes and at the virtual or physical shelf. Do you understand the consumer and shopper trends around the categories you operate in? Do you fully appreciate your competitive set? With Kantar's help, you can get the insights you need to optimise your current performance, and effectively plan for future growth.

  • Grow your brand and category


    In order to grow, you need to find more shoppers. You should consider the possible growth levers: What different kinds of buyers can you target? Where could you be more physically and mentally available? Could you stretch into more categories? Are you prepared to satisfy emerging consumer needs? In which additional consumption moments could you be relevant? You also need to maintain brand relevance against new comers, local brands and artisan startups. Does your marketing stack up? Our data and experts can show you the best route to growth.

  • Innovate in a way that leads to growth


    Brands should continually innovate... or they risk going out of existence. To maximise your chances of success, you must ask yourself some hard questions. How do you find and quantify the demand spaces in which opportunities exist? What pricing, promotional and distribution strategies should you pursue at launch? Scale alone is not enough: are your NPD sales truly incremental for the master brand and retail customers? What’s a long-lasting trend worth investing in versus a fad that won't last? Speak to us about strategies for innovation and how to build irresistible products and brands.

  • Optimise marketing and retail investments


    Can you effectively and efficiently manage your marketing and retail investments to deliver best ROI? We help you uncover where your advertising spend is working best, how to efficiently target the right audience on the right media channels, and ensure you are making the best strategic decisions when it comes to retail partners, promotions and merchandising.

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