Around  the corner or on the other side of the world, Kantar helps all industry players to deliver experiences that go the extra mile.


Connected and savvier customers, disruptive players and blurring boundaries between traditional views of these markets have accelerated the transformation of the entire industry. At the same time, delivering the right experience is as important as always. Kantar’s understanding of people’s needs helps businesses to succeed, from influencing the purchase to delivering the right experience for every type of customer.

How we help you

  • Understand the market


    The first step for a successful strategy is to understand the underlying market trends, to help you anticipate future demand. Where are the growing opportunities, and in which market segments? Among what types of customers? And how can they be influenced?

  • Deliver better customer experiences


    Once customers make their choice, the service needs to match (and exceed) their expectations to ensure they engage with your business long-term. To deliver the right experiences for every customer, Kantar’s experts on Consumer Experience (CX) can help you define the right strategies, identify the main pain points to be addressed, and work with your team to ensure that the entire organisation embeds these CX strategies.

  • Plan your communication for maximum effectiveness


    Communication is a key element of the marketing mix for brands operating in the hospitality and travel. From creating engaging pieces of communication, to traditional and new media plans that deliver the maximum return on investment, getting in touch with customers through all available touchpoints in the right way is crucial. Are you ready to make your advertising budget work harder?

Marketing Trends 2024
Marketing Trends 2024
Discover the key 10 trends that marketers need to know in 2024. Each trend has a datapoint and Kantar’s point of view that will help you set your strategy up for success.
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