As perceptions around energy change, we provide vital insights around sustainability, growth and purpose, in order to spark innovation and create a powerful brand


With an accelerating change in consumer perception around climate change and the environment, the energy industry finds itself at a crossroads – maintaining their reputation and preparing their brands for a world beyond oil and gas into sustainable energy and adjacent categories, while continuing a progressive and transparent debate on the important role fossil fuels play in sustaining consumers’ modern-day lives.

How we help you

  • Master the sustainability business case


    The energy transition is picking up speed as a result of increased pressure and regulation from governments, NGOs, the financial community, the media and consumers. Sustainability is here to stay. With consumers pushing responsibility and any increased costs onto commercial organisations, we must look at sustainability differently. We show you what your industry will look like in the next 5 to 10 years. Could there be a first mover advantage if you lead and invest? And what is the opportunity cost of not following through?

    How we help

  • Find consumer-centric growth in uncomfortable places


    The energy sector is used to high growth, high margins, high entry barriers and competition from relatively few big players. But as established players shift their business models, they are encountering new sets of competitors in food and drink (forecourt), home energy and car maintenance. We help you define the right opportunities to invest in. Do you have a right to play, and how do we unlock this? And what does an integrated customer experience look like?

  • Win the hearts and minds of consumers


    For years, energy companies have invested significant amounts in their brands and corporate social responsibility, as well as large-scale sustainability R&D projects – yet public opinion has lagged, and brands confront deeply-rooted negative perceptions. Without straying into greenwashing, organisations have to communicate and demonstrate what they are doing to limit their carbon intensity and to help build a future that extends beyond oil & gas.

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