Revealed: the world’s most valuable brands of 2024

Apple revealed as the world’s first trillion dollar brand
12 June 2024
Kantar BrandZ most valuable brands Apple
Martin Guerrieria

Head of Kantar BrandZ

Apple marks an historic milestone today, becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar brand, according to the newly released Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands Report 2024. Holding the No.1 position for the third consecutive year, Apple is joined at the top of the ranking by Google, Microsoft and Amazon reflecting technology’s enduring place in everyday life.  
McDonald’s also retains its position in the top five, with its success bolstered by its continued innovation, including its use of artificial intelligence (AI) for scenarios such as dynamic menu boards and order prediction, demonstrating how non-tech brands are also exploring AI to unlock growth. Illustrating the nascent power of AI in everyday life, NVIDIA leaps 18 places to the No.6 position in the 2024 ranking with a brand value increase of 178%. Facebook rejoins the Top 10 after a one-year absence, while Oracle joins the Top 10 for the first time.  
This year’s BrandZ ranking underscores the resilience of top brands, with the total brand value of the Global Top 100 rebounding 20% to reach $8.3 trillion, close to the 2022 peak of $8.7 trillion. Since its launch in 2006, the brand value of the Global Top 100 has increased 474%. The threshold to join the Top 100 has increased 354% from $4 billion to $19 billion. 

Kantar BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable Global Brands 2024 

Rank 2024  Brand   Brand Value  
(US$ M)  
YoY Change (%)  
 1  Apple   1,015,900  15% 
 2  Google   753,474   30% 
 3  Microsoft   712,883   42% 
 4  Amazon   576,622   23% 
 5  McDonald's  221,902   16%
 6  NVIDIA  201,840  178% 
 7  Visa   188,929   12% 
 8  Facebook  166,751   79% 
 9  Oracle   145,498   58% 
 10  Tencent  135,215   -4%

Total Value of Global Top 100 = $8.3tn; +20% 


With its $1 trillion brand valuation, Apple has proven resilient in the face of testing market conditions, justifying premium prices and proving that meaningful, different and salient brands are best placed to weather global economic disruption. Our 2024 global report reveals that strong brands continue to thrive despite global economic uncertainty. This year, brands investing in AI are seeing remarkable gains by reaping the benefits of enhanced customer experience. But effective marketing takes many forms, whether via great content, new innovations, effective media strategy, savvy pricing and more. Crucially, investment in effective marketing helps to improve consumer predisposition and drive brand value growth, contributing significant dollar value to support sustained business success. 
Alongside NVIDIA, AI-titans Adobe and AMD also made impressive gains, securing a spot among the Top 20 Risers with brand value increases of 66% and 53% respectively. Together, with resurgent growth for Instagram, Facebook and Uber, these companies highlight how technological innovations can drive engagement and accelerate growth. 

Success stories across category rankings   

Throughout the 13 category rankings, notable shifts across various industry sectors spotlight a variety of attributes helping to drive brand equity: 

 - Alcohol: Corona has become the most valuable beer brand. Consistent acceleration of growth globally and tapping into growing markets, like Brazil, China and South Africa while maintaining its stronghold in Mexico have been key factors to its success.  

 - Apparel: Nike retains its No.1 brand position in Apparel, but the gap between competitors has narrowed. Zara’s 47% growth made it the second biggest riser in terms of rank change in the Global Top 100, rising 24 places to No.70. Lululemon’s innovative approach to athleisure and commitment to quality delivered 24% brand value growth, lifting it into the Global Top 100 for the first time.  

 - Luxury: Louis Vuitton remains the most valuable brand in the luxury category with a brand valuation of $130 billion. Hermès has also excelled by enhancing its exclusivity and premium pricing, thriving in both US and Chinese markets, leading to a 23% growth in brand value. 

 - Media & Entertainment: Netflix reached new heights, climbing to No.4 from No.6 in the category. Its increase in brand value of 51% was driven by unprecedented subscriber growth, as well as a password sharing crackdown, highlighting the streaming service’s confidence in the strength of its customer predisposition. 

 - Retail: Amazon retains its position as the most valuable retail brand with brand value growth of 6%. Behind this, innovation around product accessibility, as well as pricing sensitivity to changing consumer behaviours delivered strong performances for Lowe’s, Aldi, TJ Maxx, as well as regional ecommerce giants Pinduoduo and Mercado Libre. 

The Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2024 report, including the Global Top 100, 13 category rankings and analysis on the key factors driving growth for the world’s most valuable brands are now available here

For a quick read on a brand’s performance compared to competitors in a specific category, Kantar’s free interactive tool, BrandSnapshot powered by BrandZ, provides intelligence on 14,000 brands. Find out more here

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