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Trust the experts at Kantar, and our wealth of market insights, to develop a compelling strategy for your brand.
brand strategy

Understand your audience

Strong brands are relevant, and connect to the needs and emotions of shoppers and consumers. We can help.

Create a strong brand

Build an irresistible brand that will give you a competitive advantage, with our unique frameworks and tools.

Deliver a consistent brand experience

Every touchpoint should be aligned to a consistent ambition, and your brand should resonate with customers and employees.

Measure results

Stay focused on the strategic elements that deliver growth. Kantar helps you assess brand impact against the right KPIs.
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The Brand Footprint ranking shows how consumers around the world are buying FMCG brands, highlighting opportunities.
We use panel data to show the consistent buying patterns that exist in every category and for every brand.

The definitive guide to brand-building.

Discover how strong brands provide value for businesses and shareholders. 

Modern Marketing Dilemmas
An evidence-based guide to help marketers protect their margins.
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Marketing Trends 2024
Marketing Trends 2024
Discover the key 10 trends that marketers need to know in 2024. Each trend has a datapoint and Kantar’s point of view that will help you set your strategy up for success.
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Kantar BrandZ global 2024
Discover the factors driving growth for the world’s most valuable brands.
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Global Issues Barometer
New study shows how people around the world are feeling and responding to the multiple threats they face today.
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Brand footprint 2023

Latest Brand Footprint rankings

The Brand Footprint ranking reveals how consumers around the world today are buying FMCG brands.
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