Tuning a brand's image to maximise equity and market share

We helped a TV manufacturer to grow by identifying the optimal image associations they should use, in order to communicate their 'difference'.


A new TV manufacturer was looking to establish itself in the competitive smart TV category in a new market, and needed to evaluate its current brand equity and identify the optimum strategic direction for brand development.


We used our validated Meaningfully Different Framework (MDF) to understand brand equity and positioning and identify the optimal image associations for the client to communicate in order to maximise their growth potential.


This holistic approach to understanding brands in the competitive context identified ‘advanced technology’ as the key image asset to make use of, whilst also reassuring consumers about ‘quality’.


As predicted by our MDF simulator, after activating associations that aligned with our recommendations in communications, Brand Power and Brand Loyalty increased between dips.

Furthermore, the brand increased social buzz by 25% and market share by 42%.

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