Shopper Marketing

Understand and optimise purchase journeys, and store, shelf and point-of-sale layouts, to sell more and boost brands.
shopper marketing

Discover when and how to influence shoppers

Identify the key moments of decision making, and activate opportunities for brand and category growth – in any channel.

Maximise return on in-store investments

Quickly and cost-effectively test and optimise merchandising, packaging, communications, promotions and more.

Plan for the future of retail

Get an evidence-based roadmap to category growth, based on the future of the shopper, category and retail landscape.

Win shoppers online

Identify the size of the digital commerce prize, the triggers and the barriers, and the ideal marketing mix.
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Identify the size of the prize, the triggers and barriers, and the ideal marketing mix for digital commerce success.
Influence shoppers, increase sales and drive brand conversion at each stage of the purchase journey, online and offline.
Win in store by understanding how shoppers make decisions. Optimise store, shelf and point-of-sale (POS) material to convert sales.
eCommerce On
eCommerce On 2022
Get foundational insights about the new ecommerce ‘normal’ and what motivates people to click.
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