Worldpanel Plus

The UK's only live, single-source view of the full shopper landscape online and offline.

Track trends with the UK’s largest community of shoppers

Quantify opportunities at a granular level, with insights from over 105k continuous consumers and 3m+ shopping trips per month. 

View real purchase behaviour across all channels

See how £10m+ is spent daily, across 500 retailers: all channels, store types, sectors, and categories.

Get a holistic and detailed view

Target and understand specific shoppers and their motivations: ask questions straight after purchase to get a comprehensive picture.

Profile your consumers 

Track the complete journey and behaviour of omni-shoppers and generate media audiences for highly targeted advertising. 

How Worldpanel Plus can help you

Worldpanel Plus brings together the UK’s largest community of continuous shoppers to leverage the power of real-time purchase, behavioural and attitudinal data on their daily spend – online and offline – across all sectors, channels, and categories.

Get insights around real-time consumer behaviour closer to the moment of purchase, thanks to smartphone data collection. This means bigger sample sizes and a deeper understanding of shopper choices.

Identify white space opportunities, talk to shoppers in real-time about the motivations behind their purchases, set up trigger surveys in response to specific behaviours, benchmark your shopper satisfaction to your competitors, and more. 

Featured solutions
Get a deeper understanding of the DIY, Homeware and Garden sectors by exploring home improvement shopper profiles and how they are spending.
Gain valuable insight into the toys sector by exploring the different profiles of toy shoppers, how they are spending, and the impact of their buying patterns.