Ecommerce Optimisation

Identify the size of the prize, the triggers and barriers, and the ideal marketing mix for digital commerce success.

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Understand the value potential of ecommerce by benchmarking your online and offline performance and the evolution of your category.

We survey online buyers and non-buyers to uncover the barriers and triggers to purchase, to help you build your ecommerce strategy. 

Key features

Sizing and forecasting

Understand the size of the ecommerce opportunity, and the forecast for online sales for your brand or category.

Data for influencing online purchase

Convince more shoppers to shop online, discover the elements that trigger purchase, and generate more unplanned purchases.

Smarter merchandising strategy

Identify the right approach to online promotions, ranging, digital shelf configuration and price strategy.

eCommerce On
eCommerce On 2022
Get foundational insights about the new ecommerce ‘normal’ and what motivates people to click.
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