We believe in the power of a brand. Great brands don’t happen by accident. Long-term sustainable brand value is built by a combination of art and science. Kantar Brand Strategy and Brand Guidance expertise and solutions amplified by technology, ensure you know where to play, how to win and keep winning. 
Market understanding to identify value in the category and how to unlock it 
Brand positioning to position your brand portfolio to create value 
Brand guidance with our Meaningful Different Salient framework to diagnose the strength of your brand as an asset and how you can unlock future value, stay on track to deliver value and maximise the impact of your campaigns.

For 50 years the world’s most valuable brands have chosen to partner with Kantar to shape their brand future. 
Brand expertise. Powered by MDS, amplified by tech.


BrandDynamics enables you to stay ahead with always-on and predictive tracking of your brand performance.


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 Addressing these challenges:

  • How do I keep a future-focus for my brand when every day can bring a new challenge?
  • Is my brand on track for the long-term if I know I am doing well in the short-term?
  • How do I know when there is something important occurring in my category and how do I monitor it as it unfolds?
  • How is my campaign building up and what is my audience response in real time?
  • How do I understand my customer in granular detail across sub-segments, geographies and regions within a country?


Key benefits

  • Stay ahead with always-on and predictive tracking of brand performance
  • Experience real-time data where our AI technology removes noise and delivers lag-free trends
  • Act with confidence, knowing that Kantar’s globally accredited brand equity framework provides the rigour of expertise to the solution
  • Be assured of the highest quality data because we bring market-leading fraud and bot detection AI, Qubed that keeps the panel clean and human.

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Discover your top brand equity indicators in seconds with Kantar BrandSnapshot powered by BrandZ.

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Understand the power of your brand through BrandZ, the world’s most extensive brand value and equity study.
Readily accessible in an interactive dashboard on Kantar Marketplace.

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Kantar BrandEvaluator  helps you to optimise your brand strategy to identify and unlock business growth opportunities.

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Addressing these challenges:

  • Does your brand matter to current or potential consumers?
  • What kind of associations do consumers hold about your brand? Are these on strategy?
  • How should your brand be positioned and activated for profitable growth?
  • How much price premium can your brand justify in market? 

Key benefits

  • Act with confidence, knowing that Kantar’s market-leading, independently-validated Meaningfully Different Salient (MDS) framework of equity measurement is at the heart of this solution
  • Identify strategic growth opportunities for your brand 
  • Stay ahead with  reliable results from high-quality sample via a fully automated process, in as few as 4 days

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Kantar BrandCampaign  measures the in-market performance of your own and competitor ads across multiple channels.

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Addressing these challenges:

  • Is my campaign reaching enough of my target audience? Is it cutting through across regions?
  • Which creatives should I invest more or less in across my different media channels?
  • Can i rerun the campaign?
  • Is my campaign wearing-out?


Key benefits

  • Determine if your creative is starting to wear out
  • Compare performance versus norms to provide additional context
  • Take decisions to increase or decrease spends across ads or for the campaign
  • Get quick reads in as few as 48 hours for effective course-correction

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Kantar BrandHealth tracks your brand, helping you to act and react quickly to threats and opportunities. Diagnose and plan your strategy to shape the future to uncover growth opportunities. 

Addressing these challenges:

  • How are my marketing efforts building sales and brand value?
  • Do I need to course-correct?
  • Am I on track for future success?
  • What is likely to happen to my brand next?

Coupled with TrendAI this exponentially enhances your ability to study 1000s of trends for an instant understanding of the marketplace signals, along with forecasting the future.


Key benefits

  • Fast-moving measures that signal the health of your brand in both the short and long-term
  •  Identify opportunities and risks from your competition
  • Reveal relationships between brands and sub-brands or variants
  • With KPIs that act as early indicators of future changes in brand value and sales


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Kantar BrandStructures helps you to identify which brand associations form the linchpin to the neural paths of your brand's equity and sales.

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Addressing these challenges:

  • What’s driving my brand’s equity?
  • What are the key associations with my brand that drive sales?
  • What are the different themes in perceptions of my brand?

Key benefits

  • Provides a guide to making better decisions on positioning, messaging and communications territories 
  • Informs target setting by understanding how much you can and need to drive key associations to grow equity and or sales

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Kantar BrandDigital

Stay on top of disruptors and expand your view of the market. Kantar BrandDigital is a monthly brand tracker powered by digital search.  Fuelled by Kantar’s proprietary AI toolkit, BrandDigital provides a much-expanded view of the market: geographies, languages, categories and brands as well as hard-to-reach markets. 
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Addressing these challenges:

  • How do I track brands that are disrupting the market today and could become significant challengers tomorrow? 
  • What about these disruptor brands is piquing consumer interest?
  • Which regional or local markets are these brands gaining traction in? 
  • How are marketing or activation efforts impacting interest in these brands?

Key benefits:

  • Kantar's proprietary AI toolkit captures and analyses everything consumers are searching for, in their own words, to ensure brands do not miss a thing.
  • Unparalleled access to over 4.3 billion digital consumers, enabling you to cover more regions and geographies compared to working with other agencies. 
  • Machine-led, human refined approach - the machine does the data collection, collation, classification at speed and scale while our digital experts ensure the data is curated to deliver insights addressing your brand priorities.

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Based on a proven consumer behavioural model, Matrix reveals new spaces for growth – to move your brand into new categories, expand your audience or inspire new product development.  It powerfully guides prioritisation using opportunity size, market and portfolio performance data. 

Matrix addresses these challenges:

  • Who are the different market targets/prospects?
  • What are their life and category contexts?
  • How can we grow share of our category?
  • What are the best new product extension opportunities?
  • Where can I extend my brand?
  • How could we optimize our positioning to address market tensions? 
  • How can we be different and disrupt in our category?

Key benefits:

  • Uses a proven segmentation approach to more effectively identify how to win
  • Delivers granular needs for more actionable guidance around brand and product innovation
  • Leverages powerful tensions that point to growth opportunities
  • Identifies more specific, future shaping insights 
  • Uses a clear framework for opportunity prioritisation

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With a focus on emotion, NeedScope provides the direction you need to build a meaningfully different brand positioning and deliver a consistent experience across touchpoints.

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NeedScope addresses these challenges:

  • What does or should my brand stand for?
  • How can my brand win and grow in the category?
  • How can I optimise my brand, brand architecture or product portfolio?
  • How do I align every touchpoint to a consistent ambition?
  • How can I check my brand is on track for its desired positioning?

Key benefits:

  • Identifies the best brand positioning opportunities based on underlying emotion
  • Uses a powerful framework to guide a meaningfully different brand positioning
  • Aligns brand execution with the brand’s positioning

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