In an environment where fewer than one in ten brands grow each year, it is important to have a sharp and differentiated brand positioning. And every brand needs a purpose - every brand needs to know what it exists to offer. But the idea of brand purpose has moved on beyond just profit. Many brands are turning to brand purpose to act more responsibly and find that elusive point of meaningful difference.

Brand Purpose is a key instrument for defining the impact you want to have. For those who do purpose well (with relevance and authenticity) and are recognised as responsible businesses, the rewards are business success, brand affiliation, positive reputation, and impact beyond product delivery – the creation of new sources of value which are a result of doing business well.

We don’t need to rehearse the arguments again for category and brand relevance and authenticity of purpose as critical, and we have tools to help you find them. Is your brand up for the challenge? Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how to define and evolve your brand’s purpose.

Client Conversation: What does having a purpose mean?
Tony’s Chocolonely was born out of pure purpose and to generate a response in the cocoa industry. Watch our client conversation with Tony’s Chocolonely, CEO (Chief Evangelist Officer) Ynzo van Zanten.
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Future Proof Podcast: What can we learn from Shell’s purpose journey?
Dean Aragón, CEO of Shell Brands International, talks us through the process for creating and embedding a clear purpose at Shell. 
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Webinar: Purposeful Intent – What is the business of businesses? 
Watch our webinar, where our experts talk about the impact COVID-19 has had on expectations towards businesses and the definition of Purpose.
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Get in touch to speak to one of our brand strategy experts. We can help you define and build your brand through meaningful purpose by using NeedScope’s validated framework and the right tools.
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