5 ways to improve the quality of your survey data

Kantar’s guide to collecting quality and trustworthy survey data for reliable insights.
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At Kantar, we’re committed to collecting quality data from quality panels so you can trust the insights that inform your business decisions.

We believe it all starts with ensuring quality occurs at each step of the research process. Luckily, there are a few ways for you to achieve this. Here are five ways our expert teams recommend approaching your research projects to give you confidence in the quality of your data.

1. Use trusted, engaged respondent sources:

Transparency is key. Make sure your sample provider is being upfront with the blends they use so you can trust your results.

2. Validation and verification of data:

Quality and compliance tools offer a way to assess the validity of sources, respondents and their responses. Have confidence in your data by knowing what steps are being taken to keep your project data clean.

3. Survey from inclusive and representative audience:

Recruitment diversity, scale, the ability to target and quota management is key when you’re looking for a range of demographic, behavioural and attitudinal characteristics within your data sets.

4. Optimise for mobile:

By designing for the mobile respondent first, you can be confident your surveys will be accessible to a representative audience and engaging across all devices – improving your data returns.

5. Expert fieldwork design:

Just as the right respondents, survey designs and scripting tools are important for data quality, so too is the way your fieldwork is managed. Sample blending and quota management are critical for reliable data.

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