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Whether you’re researching a broad global audience or you have a specific target, Profiles Respondent Hub gives you access to the people you need to talk to.

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Leading brands use Kantar Profiles’ Audience Network because...

100% compliant sample sources

We only collect data from people who have given permission to share it. Trust that we ensure data collection is done in respect of data protection regulations around the world. We are the only global provider compliant in China. 


Stable data for longitudinal research

The Profiles division has 25+ years of experience managing fieldwork and building market research panels. Our teams are best-in-class at blending sample for normative tracking data - and closing the hardest to fill quotas.


Automated access to global markets

Our unique API-driven sampling platform gives you access to more than 170+ million research-ready respondents across 100+ global markets through a single access point - a faster way to field. 


Quality data that reflects reality

Kantar’s proprietary anti-fraud technology is the industry's best. It uses 

state-of-the-art machine learning and 5 Deep Neural AI Networks to identify fraud - stopping over 5x more fraud than any other technology. 
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Consumer audiences

Profiles proprietary global consumer research panel is profiled on more than 4,800 attributes across 20 categories, including household, health conditions, education, automobile, electronics, country specific attributes and more.

Our complete network of consumers is comprised of our proprietary panel in addition to 44+ trusted partners. Tap into more than 80% of the industry's top sample sources, including local and social partners like WeChat, Uppon, Facebook and Quantas - all through a single access point. 
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Niche audiences

If you’re looking for specific targets, Profiles can support.  Our network covers a range of niche targets including, but not limited to: mobile and social audiences, B2B (IT decision makers, business decision makers, small business owners), patients, millennials and more. 
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Custom audiences

Profiles has been building and maintaining online panels for over 30 years. With our deep understanding of creating engaging research panels, our enterprise grade platform and research technology, we are ideally positioned to find your custom audience.
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Profiles Respondent Hub 

Find a breakout of the 170+ million people across our top 100 markets within the Profiles Respondent Hub – the most reliable network in the industry.
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