A quality-assured global network of 170+ million people across 100 markets  – and growing! 

Growth and innovation start with a deep understanding of what your audience thinks and how they act.

You need insights you can trust to inform decisions – and that demands quality, reliable data expertly sourced by people who understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve from your research.

Earning the title of most trusted online panel company in the industry is something that we don’t take for granted. Consistently providing quality-assured, essential data to our clients is our purpose.

Our clients name us the most trusted online panel provider in the industry for:

  1. Connection to their customers globally
  2. Unapologetic commitment to quality and credible sample sources 
  3. Easy access to 80% of the top sample sources
  4. Access to engaged, real people from our owned, exclusive panel
  5. Industry-leading anti-fraud technology
  6. Traceable and sustainable sources for longitudinal tracking research
  7. Assurance that data collection adheres to GDP guidelines and local legislations... and more.

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  • Network respondents by market
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