Sustainability Sector Index
Discover the most effective sustainability action to take by market, by category and by consumer engagement.

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Sustainability comes in many forms; biodiversity, climate action and waste to make but three. Smart brands need a strategic approach to ensure they leverage the actions that are most effective and impactful for the planet and for people.

Consumers have different expectations of brands depending on the category and market you operate in. You also need to understand the Value Action Gap, the difference between what they say and what they do.

Kantar’s Global Sustainability Sector Index provides this data, allowing you to translate your corporate sustainability strategy into an effective roadmap that not only meets public expectations but also identifies sector-specific opportunities.

It unpacks public opinion across all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), allowing you to understand people’s key concerns, attitudes, values and misconceptions.

The Sustainability Sector Index gives you clarity on which issues consumers urgently expect your brand to address and which are lower priorities.

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Key features

Global coverage

Covers 38 sectors across 32 countries, based on more than 30,000 interviews

Understand consumer expectations

The Sector Sustainability Index identifies the five biggest issues that consumer expect businesses to address, allowing you to spot brand-level opportunities across all 17 of the UN’s SDGs.

Effective sustainability strategies

Identify the most relevant sustainability concerns for your brand to address to ensure that you meet consumer demands.

Drive consumer change

Highlight the behaviours that will help your business address concerns about your sector and understand how to move the dial.

Sustainability Sector Index 2022
Sustainability Sector Index
Discover what matters to consumers in your sector.
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