In an era of disruption, brands face an imperative to move from ambition to action on sustainability.

To maintain and build brand value, companies face the challenge of converting corporate sustainability strategies into clear brand actions that connect with consumers. To do this, businesses need to start by understanding the issues of relevance to consumers in their sector.

Our Sustainability Sector Index 2022 provide insights into evolving consumer attitudes to sustainability in 38 sectors across 32 countries and is based on more than 33,000 interviews.

Download your free booklet to discover what matters to consumers in sustainability in your sector. 

The new 2022 Sustainability Sector Index helps you prioritise where to act to realise commercial opportunity and navigate where to start and how to win, in your sector.

SSI platforms

Burning Platforms 

Which areas of the 17 SDGs should you be focusing on to engage consumers? What are your sectors’ top sustainability issues according to consumers?                            

Unpack Value-Action Gap 

Where are the biggest value-action gaps between what consumers want to do and what they actually do?

Consumer attitudes

What do consumers attitudes toward sustainability mean for your business?

Sustainability audiences

Which segments is more attuned to concerns relevant to your sector? Who are they?

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Download the booklet

Download our free booklet to discover what matters to consumers in your sector in sustainability.
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