Entertainment On Demand Panel

Follow every step on the digital subscription customer journey to understand the music and video on demand spaces.

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Our longitudinal panels provide data from monthly surveys in the US (20,000 people), and quarterly surveys in Great Britain (12,000), and quarterly surveys in Germany (12,000) and Australia (10,000). Our longitudinal panels provide data from monthly in the US (20,000 people) and in Great Britain (12,000), and quarterly surveys in France (8,000), Spain (8,000), Germany (12,000) and Australia (10,000). With this, plus a 2,500 boost sample of new subscribers per quarter for each country, we deliver the latest insights on digital subscriptions from purchase triggers, through consideration, evaluation, intention to purchase, post-purchase usage, satisfaction/dissatisfaction, advocacy, loyalty and switching.

Key features

Subscription service KPIs tracked longitudinally

Measure the share of new subscriptions, the source of consumer acquisition, and what happens to those who leave.

A complete understanding of category KPIs

Discover the subscription pre-purchase research touchpoints, the purchase drivers, and the payment split by brand.

Machine learning predicting future consumer behaviour

Forecast the churn propensity and predict the conversion triggers in the on-demand spaces.

VoD Market Share Data Visualisation
Use our data visualisation tool to explore current and historical VoD (Video on Demand) market data for your region.
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