People-based Audience Measurement

Unlock insights around viewing habits, across all platforms, through a single, people-based measure of media consumption, performance and value. 
people-based measurement

Use consistent, accurate data to build long-term value

Our services underpin industry investment decisions in 62 markets, offering trust, precision and privacy.

Understand context and comparability

Benefit from versatility and scale with the widest and fastest growing cross-platform audience measurement footprint globally.

Get deep expertise and connectivity

We work with established players and new challengers, plus data and tech platforms, and other research businesses. 

Access open, future-ready solutions 

Our solutions are built to track emerging technologies and distribution methods as they reach critical mass.

Every business wants to grow its audience, but the time and spending power of viewers is finite, and the market is fragmented, varied, and undergoing continual change.

We deliver a definitive picture for content owners, content distributors and the advertising supply side to maximise the monetisation of their content.

Featured solutions
Learn who is watching and the origin of the content or advertising, with data from over 140,000 connected devices daily.
High-quality, consented panels for people-based audience measurement solutions.
Get increased precision and enhance your own data with a scaled approach to audience measurement.
Additional solutions
Media Trends and Predictions 2023
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