Digital Campaign Effectiveness
Maximise return on your digital investments. Assess your advertising effectiveness to learn which campaign elements work best for your brand in different contexts.

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Is your media spend working? Improve your digital marketing and campaign effectiveness, including all major paid and unpaid digital content. Test your social and display content in a real-life context with Context Lab before launch or when your campaign is live. Or assess your campaign and advertising effectiveness from start to finish.

67% of marketers think it’s tough to assess their digital campaign effectiveness, given blind spots in available measurement. Kantar’s Brand Lift insights can help.

Key features

Global digital expertise

Make smart decisions. Get advice from our media effectiveness experts and knowledge from over 28,000 digital campaigns.

Fast, actionable insights

Dynamic dashboards provide insights quickly, so you can act on real-time data and create impactful integrated campaigns.

Partnerships with major digital publishers

With our methods and partnerships, you can test most paid digital ad formats, branded content, or influencer marketing.

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Be confident your content will have maximum brand impact across different digital contexts, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Context Lab helps you understand the brand impact of your digital content in context – from digital ads to influencer and native content. Our lab approach lets you test before, or just after, your campaign goes live. Optional creative diagnostics provide insights into how specific executions are working.

It helps you:

  • Compare the brand impact of your paid digital media across platforms
  • Choose the right creative for the right environments
  • Optimise social activity by understanding influencer or social performance within a live feed
  • Quantify the brand value of sponsorship and branded content programmes

Optimise your entire digital campaign in-flight with Brand Lift Insights to maximise brand effectiveness and benchmark your results against the industry. Assess your whole campaign from start to finish, to understand impact over time as campaign frequency builds.

Kantar’s Brand Lift studies help you:

  • Understand campaign performance by site, exposure frequency, creative theme and format, audience metrics, and more
  • Evaluate many platforms, including Google, Facebook, and most major publishers
  • Optimise in-flight with a real-time dashboard
  • Gain deeper insights into your creative with optional diagnostics to measure media and campaign effectiveness

Access your digital campaign results live in dynamic environments where audiences provide behavioural feedback on content in real time.

Digital Content Optimisation empowers brands to learn from this live consumer engagement. It organises ads into like-for-like comparison groups and analyses likes, comments, and interactions to extract actionable insight and identify strong and underperforming digital ads. The sophisticated data-backed model uses a test and learn structure to continuously improve digital campaign performance.

It helps you:

  • Evaluate ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other digital environments
  • Identify top performing ads to retain, both by theme and by target audience
  • Monitor behavioural KPIs for digital ads in a campaign over time
  • Run in-step with platform auto-optimisation to provide transparency
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Media planning and effectiveness on Kantar Marketplace

Know which campaign elements work best for your brand in different media contexts, so you can get the most out of your budget.
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