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We believe flexibility and choice enables everyone to achieve their best work and maintain a healthy balance in their home and work life. 

Our managers are trusted to balance their teams needs, empowering everyone to work in a way they can thrive.  

We know time together fosters connection and collaboration, so we also encourage our colleagues to spend some of their working week with their team in the office. The rest of their time is spent working however best suits them.

There is no one size fits all, so we encourage you to discuss flexible working with our Talent Acquisition team at interview stage, to better understand our approach and your preferences and needs.  


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Kantar is committed to supporting the well-being of our colleagues and their family members in order to create a positive working environment where we can all thrive. We design and provide benefits to show that we value our people and are flexible for their diverse needs. Outside of the core global benefits, we offer market competitive benefit packages that vary by country and



People are at the heart of everything we do. By focussing on wellbeing we can create an environment where we can all be at our best.  We want everyone to understand how they can maintain their own good health, and know how to proactively and collectively support each other.

Whether it’s accessing our Employer Assistance Programme (EAP), booking time to volunteer, or speaking to a colleague or friend, we encourage our people to seek support whenever it’s needed. 

To see more about what we offer, check out our wellbeing handbook. 

Chris Jansen, Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Sponsor of Kantar Accessibility (ERG), said“The care and wellbeing of the Kantar team is my highest priority, and good mental health is a critical part of this. I want to be part of a team that cares, looks out for, and proactively supports one another. Therefore, I am delighted to support all mental health initiatives at Kantar wholeheartedly and am always personally available to talk.”

Our four wellbeing pillars

1 Mental Health: how we think and feel; being emotionally and psychologically healthy. Good mental wellbeing is having resilience to deal with life's challenges, whatever they may be
2 Physical Health: How we feel in our bodies through good nutrition, keeping active, getting enough sleep - overall keeping a healthy balanced lifestyle.
3 Social and work-life balance: How we feel as individuals and maintaining healthy relationships with others. It means having a sense of personal belonging and a good balance between both personal and work commitments.
4 Financial health: Feeling secure and in control of our finances. Knowing how to save, budget and manage finances effectively to prevent feeling overwhelmed with stress and worry.
Mental Health


We are proud of how our culture promotes good mental health all year round, allowing our people to access support and advice whenever it’s needed. World Mental Health Day in October gives us an opportunity to hold awareness sessions and local activities to support different aspects of mental wellbeing,  allowing us all to reflect and focus on what new practices could improve our mental health – one size does not fit all.

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We value our people's effort and want to celebrate our great colleagues. 

Our global recognition programme was created to empower all of our people to genuinely recognise each other and call out great work. In turn enabling a wave of appreciation and collaboration globally.
You can show appreciation by sending someone or a group of individuals a thank you card or appreciate points, which are redeemable against merchandise, experiences, or charitable giving.  

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Our global annual bonus / incentive plans provide recognition and reward which is closely linked to individual, business area and company performance.
Bonus / Incentive eligibility is dependent on role and level, speak with our Talent Acquisition team to establish if you will be eligible.
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