Future Proof: How can search data build a winning content strategy?

Sergey Lesnikov from Philips explains how search data was organised and mined to create a successful content hub for male grooming.
27 April 2020
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Tara Prabhakar

Global Director of Qualitative, Insights Division

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How do you create content that people really need, and want to read? The smartest route is to start with search data, and use the insights to write engaging evergreen articles. This is what Sergey Lesnikov, Senior Global Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at Philips, did with his team and partners Mavens of London in order to create the Male Grooming Experience Center, a digital hub for useful content around male grooming. Tara asks Sergey what inspired the idea, how it was done, what made it so successful, and the role of AI in the future.

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