Winning Over Wealth: understanding financial engagement for women

This report explores the reasons why women are still under-invested, and the engagement gap investment providers need to address.
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winning over wealth

Although it is now over 100 years since women first got the vote, men and women are still far from equal, particularly in financial terms.

Our research conducted in 2017, Winning over Women, found that women tend to be more engaged with everyday banking and insurance whereas long-term investments and pensions remain a man’s world. This report picks up from where we left off, exploring the reasons why women are still so under-invested and identifying the engagement gap which investment providers will need to address before we see meaningful change.

While the issue is complex, if investment providers were able to engage more meaningfully with women, increasing their level of financial engagement and confidence to the next decile, the results could generate a further £12.4 billion from millennial women and £24.4 billion from Gen X women.

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