Color bravery in action

How is your brand meaningfully, measurably, and immediately working to build an anti-racist future?
29 June 2020
People protesting
Valeria Piaggio

Global Head DEI, Kantar Sustainable Transformation Practice

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Perhaps the most pressing question consumers are asking brands today: how is your brand meaningfully, measurably, and immediately working to build an anti-racist future? 

Racial issues have been a cultural flashpoint and social third rail for more than 400 years, but it is only recently that racism has become a business problem companies are expected to tackle internally, in the marketplace, and in society. In most cases, the urgency of the problem is in response to external pressures: investors, stakeholders, consumers, regulators, and activists on social media.

But the anti-racism movement has been gaining momentum on the streets and in business meetings around the country, going mainstream in a matter of a few breathtaking weeks. With today’s youth actively involved and the unprecedented global support of the U.S.-based protest movement, the anti-racist movement will continue to evolve but will not go away. And this will require brands to become color brave.

To build a culturally relevant brand, marketers must embrace the idea that color bravery is not an endpoint. Color bravery requires a cyclical process of listening, reflection, examination, commitment, action and evaluation. So what steps can a brand take, and what do those look like in the marketplace right now?

The U.S. MONITOR Spotlight on Color Bravery in Action contextualises this tipping point and introduces organisations to the eight steps of becoming a color brave brand, by examining what each step looks like with different brand examples. These steps include showing diversity in brand communications, investing in consumers from minority groups, product innovation to meet their needs, and taking a clear stand on important social issues: something that 76% of millennials agree brands should be doing. 

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