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Market research is experiencing a transformational moment, fuelled by a combination of new technologies and a more iterative way of thinking. Learn how the most iconic brands use agile consumer insights to respond faster to changing market conditions and consumer needs.

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Grabbing attention is the first step to advertising effectiveness, especially in the digital space. Since creative quality is one of the biggest determinants of how much attention you’ll receive, it is critical to comprehensively measure attention during the creative development process.
Digital testing
New, flexible digital creative testing capabilities on LINK+ allow marketers to ensure their digital ads will deliver across contexts.
Facial recognition
The assessment of ads featuring famous people just got even smarter and faster with the launch of AI-powered ad-testing with celebrity insight.
Woman holding fluorescent tube light
What do Lady Gaga and Pokémon bring to innovating differently? Discover our findings from the most innovative brands and the 5 key themes to spark creative innovation.

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