Helping an international telco company develop more achieve double digit sales growth

The telco company achieve 17% sales increase in 6 months. The AI-model recommendation allowing them to do predictions with great accuracy-up to 99%.
Lars Thomsen, Telenor, said"The issue with the usual purely economic models is that they present only linear relationships and basically not contain any real optimization functions. Hamilton.AI relies on AI methods and predictive analytics which in my opinion are simply better suited to solve the problems of Telenor.“ 


An international telco decided that it needed to get a reassessment of how much the biggest portion of its marketing spend, namely paid media, was contributing to sales, growth and profitability.
The telco had already done some attribution in the past on the business impact of marketing activities but not in a consolidated and frequent way across all on- and offline activities including sponsorships which were also a major investment.


We developed a Customer Acquisition Model, able to attribute and optimize media performance. It was instantly clear that based on the holistic attribution across all media and marketing activities in the Hamilton.AI platform, a new recommendation would outperform previous strategies taking into account that there were certain budget restrictions that couldn’t be changed.


The marketing department affected each other. could deliver insights on not only the actual return of all the channels down to individual media publishers, but also how the different touchpoints.


By allocating and optimizing the telco’s media investments based on the model recommendations, the uplift in sales coming from paid media investments has been 17% after just half a year. 

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