Develop a Customer-centric Culture

Empower employees to empathise with customers, and to develop services that create memorable customer experiences.
customer-centric behaviour

Respond quickly to customer feedback

Meet customer needs by closing the loop, acting on feedback and optimising your learning, service and business processes.

Inspire action and monitor change

Define targets and incentive programmes that motivate employees to deliver great customer experiences and drive growth.

Put customers at the heart of your company

Drive customer loyalty by creating a culture that delivers, measures and manages memorable customer moments.

Engage and empower your employees

Know how engaged your employees are, and how to improve engagement to build a customer-centric culture.
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Improve your customer relationships, build loyalty and reduce churn, with our systematic respond-and-learn approach.
Define targets that motivate employees and KPIs that effectively track your CX progress to drive growth for your business.
Create memorable employee experiences that deliver your employer value proposition and build customer relationships.
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CX+ is the only sector-specific customer experience index backed by rigorous research. It shows you how to close the gap between brand promise and customer experience with insights from over 1,300 brands across 17 countries, and over 140,000 people’s experiences.
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