Shopper Attitudes & Trends
Connect what shoppers think with what they really do, by combining panellist interviews and our best-in-class purchase data.


We give you a complete picture of shoppers’ decisions by adding customised insights about their attitudes, needs and opinions to our vast store  of behavioural information. Our questionnaire service, LinkQ Target, enables you to communicate with specific, often difficult-to-reach consumer groups. It finds high quality and precise samples by selecting panellists based on their purchase history – then links the questionnaire results to actual shopping behaviour for a precise business quantification . 

Key features

Reaching the real decision-makers

Pinpoint exactly the right target, based on the behaviour you want to explore. Connect with shoppers who have changed what they do – for instance switching to a competitor, or buying more or less – or with groups that exhibit a specific behaviour, for example heavy shoppers or loyal shoppers. 

A single source for understanding consumers

Create bespoke questionnaires to relate a final purchase to what a changemaker sees, thinks, believes, expects or likes.

Quantifies opportunities

Link the questionnaire responses to our rich and accurate purchase data to quantify opportunities and ascertain what drives sales.

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