TGI Audience Activation

Enhance your online campaign targeting, with rich insights from Kantar’s TGI Consumer Data.

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TGI Audience Activation bridges the gap between media planning and programmatic media buying based on real-world consumer targets.

We can also connect consumer audiences directly with your data for better profiling and targeting.

Key features

Activation against real consumer targets

Media agencies can take targets formed from their analysis of TGI Consumer Data and reach these same targets online.

Pre-defined audiences

We have carefully selected hundreds of predefined audiences. So you can reach them across trusted advertising platforms.

Tailored audiences

Media agencies can build their own specific audiences and make them available to target on these same platforms.

More information

TGI Audience Activation allows you to access TGI Consumer Data at scale and connected directly to your own data. You can understand consumer behaviours, and profile and target key audience segments to deliver more effective advertising campaign and improve strategies to drive growth.

With TGI Advanced Profiling, you have a variety of audience profiles from our TGI Consumer Data added to your ad hoc surveys. This gives you a far better understanding of your consumer target, delivering added value for your spend.

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