Kantar scales up digital ad testing capabilities

22 June 2022

Cannes, 22nd June 2022: Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company, today launches a suite of new products and enhancements to its creative testing portfolio on Kantar Marketplace. With the introduction of three new digital capabilities on the platform, Kantar is bringing a level of creative testing capabilities previously used just in broadcast, to the digital environment. Kantar’s advanced technologies will enable creative performance evaluation in just 15 minutes and make testing possible across every digital platform, including influencer content. 

Introducing Link AI for Digital on Kantar Marketplace

Link Al for Digital now makes it commercially feasible to test digital creative that would normally launch untested, taking the guesswork out of ROI. The creative performance of online video, YouTube, and Facebook ads can now be tested in as few as 15 minutes. Link AI for Digital is the only AI-based product on the market to combine insights on creative effectiveness alongside behavioural metrics. Use cases for Link AI include competitive ad evaluation, batch-testing/meta-analysis, smaller brands, variants of digital ads and more. Link AI for Digital is available on Kantar Marketplace and will be enhanced by additional brand lift metrics scheduled to be added in Q3 2022.  

Opening up Context Lab to everyone

Today, Kantar announces the expansion of formats which can be tested on Context Lab from eight to twelve, with the introduction of Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, YouTube non-skippable ads and ‘custom contexts’. Context Lab is Kantar’s in-market media effectiveness product that helps clients understand ad performance across different media environments. It quickly provides a contextual understanding of a digital ads effectiveness, allowing marketers to optimise their digital and social media activity, and quantify the brand impact of campaigns. 

Custom contexts opens up ad testing to any digital environment, including the evaluation of influencer content. With the introduction of custom contexts, Context Lab makes digital ad testing available beyond the major platform players to all digital publishers, including smaller, regional platforms, helping advertisers optimise their media investments across a broader media mix.

Facial coding comes to Link Express for Digital

From Q4 2022 clients will be able to benefit from a new facial coding module in Link Express for Digital, which delivers survey-based feedback on digital ads, with recommendations on how to improve them, in as few as 48 hours. Currently, 60% of Link all tests include facial coding. This advanced technology provides a deeper understanding of emotional engagement and attention in digital media. It captures moment-by-moment facial expressions for more granular insights, with the backing of powerful technology and third-party integrations. 

Ensuring progressive representation

On the fifth anniversary of the Unstereotype Alliance, Kantar is building on its leadership in measuring inclusiveness in advertising. A new diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) metric specifically asking “The way people are presented represents a modern and progressive view of society” will be integrated into the Link family to encourage our clients to contribute to delivering a more progressive society.

Commenting on today’s launches, Jane Ostler, EVP, Creative and Media, Kantar, said: More than 70% of advertisers are growing their investment in digital platforms. The digital space is, therefore, a priority for Kantar’s innovation agenda. Integrating advanced analytics and AI-powered learning into the creative effectiveness process brings a new level of speed to the process to meet the needs of ever more challenging production schedules. Expanding the kind of ads that can be tested and making access to testing easier on the Kantar Marketplace platform empowers advertisers to invest with confidence and helps them maximise their advertising ROI. Extending our DEI testing capabilities on the fifth anniversary of Unstereotype Alliance also speaks to Kantar’s commitment to ensuring that the advertising industry plays a positive role in society.”   

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