Operations, Brazil

I identify opportunities to use technology to operate projects or deliver outputs to clients.
Edvaldo A, Brazil

As a head of Technology and Innovation (sitting within Operations), I identify opportunities to use technology to operate projects or deliver outputs to clients.

These technologies can be globally developed and implemented locally (such our offer to Brand Guidance, Chatbot, Virtual Reality, Search and Social just to name a few) or can be provided via local providers; in either case, the idea is provide disruptive approaches that will answer the client business questions. I also manage non-survey data and develop, with commercial teams, data products that combine several sources in order to build a holistic point of view that help clients to make better decisions.

I started my role in 2011 when I was contracted to implement technology into our data collection process. At this time we became one of the first research companies, in Brazil, that migrated data collection from paper-and-pencil to tablets. It was so different because we were able to record the interview for data quality proposes, map the interview using GPS, and provide more engaged interviewing using multimedia stimulus. I recently studied for two post-graduate degrees (MBA in Big Data and Data Science specialization) that helped me to increase my technical skills and also expanded my role to new areas such as Data Engineering and Machine Learning, which are so important today.

Recently I was involved in a very important automotive project where the client wanted to test a new prototype. They had to evaluate the consumer perception before the official launch in order to adjust, review or modify any parts of the product. As part of the proposal we developed a touch tracking approach where the participants, using tablets, marked what parts they liked and disliked. With this data, we were able to build several outputs identifying (via heatmaps) the preferred parts of the product.

I have also helped to develop a text analytics solution where we processed in-depth interview content and we were able to identify the main perception and correlated topics among the consumer point-of-views. The proposal was so differentiated and innovative in this segment that the client came to our office to hear more details, especially because the competitors prepared a traditional approach and we were significantly innovative in our plan. They approved the project, we delivered the results and client is very satisfied with the solution that we created for them.