Future Proof: What can we learn from Shell’s purpose journey?

Dean Aragón, CEO of Shell Brands International, talks us through the process for creating and embedding a clear purpose at Shell.
18 October 2021

Shell’s purpose is to power progress together with more and cleaner energy solutions. But how did that come about? What were the challenges for global VP of the Shell brand, Dean Aragón? How is the purpose embedded in the organisation?

Dean shares his advice for establishing a purpose that doesn’t just become a side project, and how you can ensure success through people, partnerships and the personal touch. Learn how UN Sustainable Development Goals feed into the purpose and strategy at Shell, and the specific actions they are taking to bring their purpose to life.

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Future Proof is the marketing podcast from Kantar and Saïd Business School, Oxford University.

In each episode, we have a frank discussion with industry experts, to help brands and business leaders navigate the changing landscape of marketing, sharing evidence and inspiration for the future.

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