Future Proof: How does Unilever approach sustainable innovation?

A Consumer Insight Director shares some of the secrets to better, more sustainable, product design and development.
17 May 2021
sustainable innovation podcast unilever
n morely
Dr Nicki

Head of Behavioural Science and Innovation Expertise, Kantar Insights, UK

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Kantar research finds that 88% of consumers want brands to help them be more sustainable. In this episode, Nicki Morley speaks to Catriona Ferris, Consumer Insight Director for Homecare (Europe) at Unilever, about the key aspects of successful sustainable innovation – and why the consumer (and their pain points) must be considered first and foremost. With product and packaging innovation examples, considerations for marketing and communications professionals, and top tips for getting ‘under the skin’ of your customer, Catriona shares elements of Unilever’s ‘learning journey’ and addresses some of the challenges brands might face in balancing cost, performance and environmental credentials.

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