Future Proof: How do we make fashion sustainable?

By Rotation founder Eshita Kabra-Davies talks to us about how and why the industry is changing.
29 June 2020
fashion sustainable
Jane Bloomfield

Chief Growth Officer, UK

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As consumer preferences and brand promises shift towards a more sustainable approach – considering and minimising our environmental impact – what changes can we all make to reduce clothing and apparel waste? And how can brands get involved? Eshita Kabra-Davies set up fashion rental app By Rotation in 2019, to allow people to rotate their wardrobes, enjoy luxury brands cost effectively, and reduce their carbon footprint. As the app evolves and the renter and lender numbers grow, she has plenty of interesting insights about what can and should change in the world of fashion, the habits and requirements of modern shoppers, and the importance of community as you build a business.

This episode was recorded in February 2019, and the audience of By Rotation now stands at 20,000 users.

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