Future Proof: Aldi & McCann Manchester: The power of entertaining advertising to solve business challenges and propel growth.

19 August 2022
lynne deason

Head of Creative Excellence, UK

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Jamie Peate is McCann’s UK head of Effectiveness and Global Head of Retail Strategy for MWG.  He’s also a key player in the incredible McCann Manchester – Aldi partnership in the UK. Together they have created award winning brand communications that have solved strategic business challenges and delivered impressive business results. In 2022 Aldi bounced back into the Global Top 100 Brands, having increased its value by 20% to $21bn. Aldi had the most effective UK Christmas ad last year and is one of six brands to be nominated for Marketing Week’s UK brand of the year. Impressively, the retailer is on the verge of taking over from Morrisons as the UK’s fourth biggest supermarket, its growth being far ahead of everyone else in a category that saw all but Tesco lose their share of wallet in the 12 weeks to July 10.  


In this podcast, Jamie talks to our UK Head of Creative Excellence, Lynne Deason, about Aldi and McCann’s shared effectiveness culture and ways of working that leads to the creation of entertaining and distinctive brand centric communications that are loved by the people of Britain. The insights shared are relevant to everyone involved in solving business problems and driving growth through brand communications globally.

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