Future Proof: Can we make the media industry more inclusive?

We ask Belinda Smith about the results of a recent WFA census around diversity and inclusion, and get her thoughts on the next steps.
08 March 2022
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Valeria Piaggio

Global Head DEI, Kantar Sustainable Transformation Practice

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Belinda Smith is CEO of Americas at m/SIX, as well as the Global Diversity Ambassador for the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). Belinda is also a diversity activist and has led media and advertising in various organisations throughout her career. She joins Valeria Piaggio to discuss the issue of diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry, following the publication of the first Global DEI Census from the WFA. Why was a survey like this needed, and why does it matter? What are the key themes from the results? What can agencies do differently, both internally and in the content they produce? And what are the barriers to true inclusion?

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