7 things you didn’t know templated survey tools could do

Today, automated online survey tools can enable faster data collection while maintaining reliable results. Explore seven things you may not have known about using survey templates.
29 July 2021
survey automation, online surveys
Steve Valigosky

Senior Director, Growth and Strategy, Profiles Division

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Whilst the demand for faster and cheaper insights into consumer behavior continues to grow at pace, the need for reliable and representative insights remains equally important.

Where in recent years there may have been a trade-off between speed and quality when collecting online data, the ongoing evolution of survey and sample technology means you no longer need to make that choice.

Today, combining the speed and reliability of programmatic, traceable sample sources with the efficiencies of automated survey tools means that both ad-hoc/one-off and more repeatable/longitudinal market research studies can now be delivered at the true speed of life.

So, here are seven ways our templated survey solution within Accelerated Answers can help…

1. Access reliable insights at scale from programmatically supplied global audiences

It is now possible to collect reliable insight from consistently traceable respondents. Our Profiles Network provides you with seamless access to over 100 million permission-based respondents globally using our unique API network. This includes Kantar’s millions of exclusive, highly engaged LifePoints panelists.

2. Collect clean, high-quality data from panelist and survey quality measures

Can you identify duplicate responders before they even enter your survey? Our pre and in-survey quality measures are also a core component of Accelerated Answers. We use our award-winning quality checks in all surveys – templated or custom – to identify questionable behaviors like speeding through surveys questions at an unfeasible pace.

Preventing and removing these dishonest responses from your final data sets ensures the quality of the insight you uncover from your survey can be trusted.

3. Cut typical research time down by more than 50%

Time has never been more precious – not just for survey participants, but for you too as data recipients! Quality surveys don’t have to take ages to build. We have developed a templated approach to online surveys that can help you significantly streamline the commissioning, programming, sampling and fielding of your survey to ensure you get the results you need faster.

4. Create research consistencies globally

Templated surveys don’t only enable automation and streamline the survey process. Templates can also create greater consistencies for research that needs to be conducted in multiple markets and, at the same time, provide a lens to reliably inform global strategy.

Our Accelerated Answers user portal provides every member of your team with common access to pre-defined templates that match your bespoke needs – ensuring reliable and comparable data for use cases that can require the use of consistent phrasing and questions.

5. Provide access to real-time results

There is no need to delay: with Accelerated Answers’ ability to provide trusted results faster, you can see your data results in real-time. This means that as soon as your project is in field, you get a clear read of the data as it comes into your Accelerated Answers portal dashboard. It enables you to keep a timely track on how your project is progressing, as well as get a head start on activating the findings.

6. Analyze survey data with other 1st and 3rd party sources together

You don’t have to stop at quick data collection. Our Accelerated Answers dashboards also provide you with the ability to shape, visualize, and share insights quickly and more holistically. This means that spotting key patterns in data and seamlessly connecting your survey data with other first and third-party sources in one place has never been easier.

7. Get the best of technology and expert support

Not every team has the experience or bandwidth to conduct DIY surveys, and not every project can support the timeline and budget of managed research.

An approach like Accelerated Answers gives you the best of both worlds. You benefit from the efficiencies of templated surveys as well as the expertise and support of our ‘Do-It-Together’ (D-I-T) experts.

The platform enables you to fast track your research processes while working directly with our award-winning sampling and survey experts who will support you with optimally designing, sampling and fielding your online survey to deliver timely but trustworthy results.

Our Accelerated Answers D-I-T solutions, like Templated Surveys and Quick Managed Surveys, give you the power to create custom survey products that are easy to execute and deliver fast insights.

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