Accelerated Answers

Custom quick-turn survey solutions designed for you to DIT with Kantar’s experts.

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You need agile and automated ways of collecting survey data.

Accelerated Answers is Kantar’s DIT (do it together) solution for getting answers fast with flexibility, combining the speed of automation with the expertise of Kantar’s world-class team.

It’s the only survey-based toolkit you need to build turnkey products of your own that enhance your business, offer or consumer experience.

Key features

Surveys launched at speed

Build surveys yourself: start from bespoke templates, or we’ll do it for you. Launch or submit surveys in your portal.

Automated custom surveys

Create custom survey templates to streamline commissioning, programming, fielding and analysis.

Easy-to-use branded portal

Access your unique library of solutions, projects, audience targets and dashboards quickly through a personal portal.

More information

If your project work would benefit from the efficiencies of automation, let us build you templates with your preestablished questions. Launch your project quickly and include custom add-ons. Templates streamline survey programming, translations and analysis.

When you don’t have the time or resources for self-serve, let our local experts manage quick-turn work for you. Simply select from our pre-set delivery packages and upload your questions and media. Our team will deliver your results in as little as 6 hours.

For ad hoc projects or quick polling, benefit from the ability to create surveys within your portal. Choose from a variety of question types and select your audience from your custom, pre-set targets or nationally representative populations – then field in 70 global markets.

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