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15 March 2023
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April 2023

April 18: Creative Effectiveness Awards 2023: How to win in a digital world

April 13: Kantar's 2023 retail predictions: Digital accelerates into the store

March 2023

March 29: Consumer Values – The Shifts That Matter Most

March 22: How AI can help you analyze the past to predict the future

March 16: LinkedIn Live - Secrets to winning innovation

March 15: Kantar Analytics Live - Curating Meaningful Data to Maximize the Value of Every Customer Relationship

February 2023

February 28: Harness the power of emotion in digital advertising

February 23: How to conduct impactful pricing research

February 21: LinkedIn Live - Advertising Opportunities: How can marketers break from the norms in 2023?

February 16: How agile thinking beats agile process

February 10: Super Bowl 2023: What to expect

January 2023

January 31: LinkedIn Live - Dynamism from Disruption

January 25: Super Bowl Creative Evolution - DEI in the Big Game

December 2022

December 15: PoweRanking® 2022: 26 Years of Retail Leadership

December 14: A Unified Framework for Marketing Measurement and Optimization

November 2022

November 30: Under Pressure: What marketers need to know now for strategic planning

November 22: CMO Summit 2022: Future of Digital Marketing

November 9: The promise of the machine in marketing: How does AI/ML improve marketing decision making?

November 3: Dining out at home: how meal delivery is transforming Foodservice

October 2022

October 26: The true story behind Johnnie Walker’s 34% growth: A Creative Effectiveness Journey

October 18: Navigating retail in inflationary times

October 13: BG20 SUMMIT 2022 - Higher prices - lower profits?

October 4: Global Issues Barometer wave 3:  What the World is thinking in the World’s own words

September 2022

September 28: Consumer Insights Latam Q2’22

September 22: Is inflation stalling the green momentum in FMCG?

September 21: Marketing decisions in times of disruption: How useful is historical data in predicting the future?

September 13: Sustainability: From Ambition into Brand Action

September 7: Media Reactions 2022: Which ad platforms do people prefer?

July 2022

July 12: What stunt bikes, pitta breads and cider teach us about meaningfully different innovation

July 6: The marketing investment balancing act: Short-term sales or long-term brand building?

June 2022

June 28: On trend: The evolving Beauty consumer (Partner Event)

June 22: Disrupting the future of travel: In conversation with industry leaders

June 15: Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2022: Brands, Business and Beyond

June 13: Kantar Global Issues Barometer: Wave 2 Research Summary

June 1: Conflict & Inflation - Four Scenarios for Business & Brand Planning in the Next Marketplace

May 2022

May 26: Brand Footprint 2022: 10 years of consumer choices

May 17: Kantar Marketplace: Introducing AI-powered digital ad testing

May 12: Kantar Global Issues Barometer - What the World is thinking in the World’s own words

May 5: How Category Managers are Responding to Shortages Caused by Global Supply Chain Challenges (Global)

May 3: Dealing with the marketing deluge: How to make data accessible and useful

April 2022

April 28: Winning Omnichannel 2022: Our annual guide to the global FMCG landscape

April 26: Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards 2022: Revealing the world’s most effective ads

April 13: Power Up: Building Brand Value During Disruptions

April 6: On trend: The evolving Beauty consumer

March 2022

March 2: How to navigate the emotional world of sustainability in advertising

February 2022

February 11: Super Bowl 2022: What to Expect

February 10 : Deepen your survey research by exploiting open-ended questions 

February 9: Moving from marketing data deluge to actionable insights (Partner Event) 

January 2022 

January 25: Global FMCG growth already back to pre-pandemic levels

January 20: Predict a video ad's in-market success in just 15 minutes 

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