How agile market research drives business transformation

In a complex, ever-changing environment, speed to insights is essential. But having confidence in your data is a requirement for making bold decisions that drive growth.
08 November 2021
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Will Galgey

Managing Director, Kantar Marketplace

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We all aspire to make bold decisions that change the market and propel the business forward. But behind every bold move you see – whether it’s a new product innovation or a disruptive campaign – you can be certain there were reliable insights that gave the business confidence to place a big bet.

Within a rapidly evolving world, market research matters more at every level of the business, and speed is critical. But in situations where the risk of a wrong call is so great, decisions must be made with confidence. How do you get to that moment of confidence, faster?

It all points to a need for greater agility within market research programs. And for solutions that help teams get to those “Yes!” moments faster. Here’s how high-quality automated market research platforms like Kantar Marketplace help brands do just that.

Stay ahead with simple processes

Complexity is the enemy of agility. So intuitive technology that makes it easy to uncover insights, while also making them accessible throughout the organization, is a necessity for getting ahead. Agile market research tools make it easy to start new projects and keep all your data in one place. Similarly, highly visual analytics allow you to quickly get a sense of your results when the pressure’s on (while simultaneously making it possible to get richer insights when you need to).

Agility also means you can test ideas very early in the process to make sure they work before committing more money and resources. Crucially, you can pose a simple question about a campaign concept, a product idea or even a messaging claim and obtain insightful answers within hours, rather than waiting days and thus potentially slowing down an important initiative.

Agile market research tools are built for a changing business environment

If it feels like business is moving faster than ever, that’s probably because it is. Every sector is experiencing rapid change – and keeping pace with choice-rich consumers can sometimes feel a bit hare and tortoise.

Kantar Marketplace is built with this in mind. That means responding to the pace of your business and promising much faster turnarounds with on-demand, self-service features to get you started with simple, automated research tools.

If you need to know what to highlight in a marketing campaign, measure impact after launch, or ensure that those innovative ideas from the development department are on brand, you can do it much more quickly. Agile market research tools also make your budget work harder, as you spend less time on process, making more time for analysis.

When complex business needs meet with flexibility

When it comes to insights, one-size agile tools do not fit all. Modern market research platforms offer a range of solutions in a modular way, then make it possible to access them in ways that work for your brand.

For example, Kantar Marketplace brings together a range of agile solutions that help brands obtain valuable consumer insights. From ad testing to innovation development to media effectiveness, users can pull the levers they need where necessary, depending on their objectives.

However, flexibility isn’t just about a modular set of solutions delivered under one platform. It’s also about how you access them. A range of service options mean you can lean on your internal experts and self-serve, but you also have the option to tap into external consultancy. It also ensures that on demand actually means on demand.

Be confident in your results

And this is what it all comes down to. Having the certainty that what you’re putting out into the market is the right thing for your consumer and puts you ahead of your competitors.

For brands, this is where things get tricky. Because sure, speed is important. Staying ahead of ever-evolving consumer perspectives and trends does matter. But what if the quest for agility compromises quality?

This is the benefit of proven solutions. By building methodological rigor and human expertise into Kantar Marketplace, we help brands to have full confidence in the results they’re using to make critical business decisions.

This approach of agility plus integrity (no trade-offs) means trust in decision making from the top down. And quick-turn insights that all stakeholders can rely on.

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