Super Bowl LV: What advertising really worked?

We measured more than 90 ads from this year's Super Bowl to see which ones worked.
11 February 2021
Super Bowl ads that worked
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Super Bowl ads are about getting press, celebrities, being part of the conversation, social media, and so many other things. But we wanted to answer some more basic questions. Do they work? Do they make people like your brand better, and want to buy it?  

Through Link AI, we measured more than 90 Super Bowl LV ads and have the answers. Link AI is the fastest AI-driven solution designed to predict creative effectiveness. It allows you to measure one or many ads rapidly so you can make decisions with more insights and less disruption. Fill out the form below to download our report and learn more about which ads got it right this year, what themes they used, and who broke new ground.

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Super Bowl Ads Content Library

Super Bowl Ads Library

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