Smart marketers know that the strongest creative content can achieve more ROI with less spend.

But how do you test large volumes of advertising quickly and cost effectively?

Welcome to the power of Link AI.

Link AI is the fastest artificial intelligence-driven solution to predict creative effectiveness.

  • Measure large volumes of ads with confidence
  • Spend money only on content that’s proven to work
  • Increase impact of media investments

Using Kantar’s extensively validated Link database, Link AI gives you the power to know if ads are strong or weak, at scale. The easy-to-use tool helps you make the most of your advertising spend.

  • Batch testing your own and/or competitive ads to understand market context
  • Screen ads for smaller brands or secondary campaign assets
  • Evaluate different versions of the same ad, such as different lengths and calls to action

Link AI brings you reliable creative intelligence in minutes and without surveys. It is now available in 35+markets, with more to follow.

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