Future Proof: How can CMOs prepare for success in 2023?

Mastercard's CMO Raja Rajamannar Shares his Vision for Marketing in 2023, from AR to Web3 and Beyond.
01 March 2023
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2023 will be challenging as marketers navigate tough economic conditions, but it also presents a world of new opportunities. In this episode of Future Proof podcast, Jane Ostler talks to Mastercard’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar about what he’s most excited about in 2023, including his view and prospects for Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Web3, as well as the importance of innovation in creativity.

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Future Proof is the marketing podcast from Kantar and Saïd Business School, Oxford University. In each episode, we have a frank discussion with industry experts, to help brands and business leaders navigate the changing landscape of marketing, sharing evidence and inspiration for the future.

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