Future Proof: Why is Mercado Libre such a good place to advertise?

Juan Lavista, Senior Director Marketing, Insights + Analytics & BI LATAM at Mercado Ads, tells us why adverts work so well on the platform.
04 October 2021

EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar


In Kantar’s recent Media Reactions study, it was revealed that ecommerce giant Mercado Libre is one of the most effective places to advertise in Latin America: it was seen as delivering the most ‘relevant and useful’ ads of all media brands in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. What is the marketplace doing to help advertisers, and still satisfy consumers?

Juan tells Jane Ostler and Alex Connock about smart targeting, the Direct Integration with Kantar for more effective measurement, the results of Brand Lift studies, and the opportunities they have in the Latin American market. They also discuss how ecommerce ads work with other channels, the importance of being present through the entire customer journey, the ad formats that work best, and the application of new technology – such as AI and machine learning – to help scale and optimise advertising.

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