Sustainable Futures: Discover Kantar's sustainability podcast

Kantar’s new Sustainability Futures podcast will help you become better informed about climate change, the environment and social justice.
08 December 2022
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We all want to do the right thing when it comes to sustainability. But it’s not always easy to know what the right thing actually is.

Kantar’s new Sustainability Futures podcast has been created to help you become better informed and make smarter decisions when it comes to climate change, the environment and social justice. Launching on December 13, we’ll talk to a range of experts and shine a light on the most pressing sustainability issues facing businesses in general and marketing in particular.

Every two weeks we’ll bring in guests from a range of areas, including marketing, finance, investment, entertainment, law, academia, communications and not-for-profit. Our ambition is to give you the facts and understanding you need to help you make choices that will turn sustainability into a business advantage.

Every conversation will be informed by our work at the intersection of brands, consumers and sustainability and our experience of helping some of the world’s biggest brands to create a sustainable future for their brands and the planet we all share.

You can find the episodes here or in your usual podcast provider.

Episode 1: Why marketing needs Sustainable Futures

Sustainable Futures is designed to help marketers play their part and help deliver a better planet. Produced by Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company, it will unpack the sometimes complex issues of waste, biodiversity, climate change and social justice.

In this episode Jeremy Schwartz, chairman of Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation Practice, and Jonathan Hall, Managing Partner of Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation Practice, explain how Kantar is helping big brands to address the sustainability challenge.

Jeremy and Jonathan discuss what consumers want from companies and the nuance that needs to be applied by market and by category. In short, they explain how marketing insights can deliver business advantage through sustainability.

Episode 02: The role of finance in the sustainable transition

Money makes the world go round but how can it be harnessed for the greater good? Jonathan Hall talks to Cristina Lacaci from Morgan Stanley about the role that finance plays in sustainability.

As Global Head of ESG Structuring in Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley, Cristina is uniquely positioned to shed light on sustainable investing, how it’s evolved in recent years and where it could be heading in the future, now that more conventional investment options are also incorporating aspects of ESG.

Jonathan and Cristina discuss the exponential growth in ESG funds and green bonds, what investors and the capital markets want to see from companies when it comes to sustainability and how ESG and sustainable investing will evolve in the future.

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