Ecommerce ON: Turning on the light in ecommerce

Ensure ecommerce experiences are evolving to meet shopper needs, with foundational ecommerce knowledge from Ecommerce ON.
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Wherever they are in the world, today’s companies are under pressure to achieve ecommerce growth, while still balancing the needs of shoppers, retailers and brands.

But our conversations with industry leaders revealed that they very often don’t have the foundational ecommerce background they need to achieve sustainable growth.

Introducing Ecommerce ON, Kantar’s new global study, delivering essential insights from:

  • 100,000+ eCommerce shopping trips
  • 33,000+ online shoppers
  • In 16 macro-categories
  • 11 FMCG categories
  • 5 Durable / Service categories
  • Across 18 countries

To ensure ecommerce experiences are evolving to meet shopper needs, we must go back to basics, and put shopper understanding back at the heart of ecommerce.

Download our free infographic to see how Ecommerce ON provides the foundational ecommerce knowledge to allow you to do just that.