Infographic: Alcohol shopping during a pandemic

With bars and restaurants closed, drinking at home may be more popular than ever. But how are shoppers weighing their retailer and category choices?
19 January 2021
Shopping for alcohol during a pandemic
Caroline Dumas

Shopper Insights Analyst

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In Kantar's most recent ShopperScape® Deep Dive on alcohol-based beverages, the Shopper Insights team uncovered how shoppers shop for alcohol, their category preferences, the retailers they shopped, the importance of the shopping experience, and how the pandemic affected consumption. For over a decade, ShopperScape® has sought to understand shopper attitudes and behaviors through proprietary monthly tracking. Thematic Deep Dives now augment that monthly pulse by exploring everchanging shopping habits in more detail. 

The research answered key questions on the minds of alcohol manufacturers and retailers such as:

  • What percent of alcohol purchasers have increased their buying or consumption of alcohol because of the pandemic?
  • What are the top three factors in determining where shoppers choose to shop for spirits?
  • What are the most important factors shoppers consider when determining what alcoholic beverages to buy?
  • How does shopping for alcohol impact typical shopping trips?

US alcohol purchases over last three months

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