Future Proof: How does Walmart connect digital and physical retail experiences?

Lex Josephs tells Jane Ostler how the retail industry has embraced technology and data to shorten the journey from inspiration to sale.
06 September 2021

EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

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In this episode, we discuss the evolving world of advertising technology and digital retail with Alexis (Lex) Josephs, Vice President of Sales, Ad Tech Partnerships and Ad Operations at Walmart Connect. How does Walmart’s advertising business use the insights from their 150m weekly shoppers to deliver targeted advertising at scale?

Lex discusses how the pandemic has changed the retail experience (and accelerated digital trends), and what the future holds: Why is a clear data strategy important? How is Walmart embracing social commerce, or the ‘content to commerce’ experience? And what is the role of physical stores in the future of shopping?

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