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Build richer, unique profiles of people you can’t find anywhere else – for insights you can act on.
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You need insights to be delivered at the speed of business, and with surmounting data sources available (first, second and third-party) – how do you make the data you already have, or is easily accessible, work harder for you?

The answer lies with Enhanced Sample and Connected Data.

In this ebook we will explore the ways marketers and researchers can connect consumer behavioural data to their survey-based research to build enhanced profiles of their target consumers, target and optimise segmentations for media activation and validate the results - maximising research investments and creating valuable insights.

It will cover:

  • What is Enhanced Sample?
  • Connect: Enrich people profiles with first and third-party data
  • Activate: Target and optimise audiences from captured media exposure data
  • Validate: Authenticate the quality of your audience segments
  • Our network and commitment to compliance

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